Senior LifeCare Program

The goal of YCC’s Senior LifeCare program is to assist low-income elderly and disabled homeowners maintain self-sufficiency and dignity by ensuring the safety and livability of their own homes through critical, yet minor home repairs free of charge.

This goal translates into homes with grab bars, smoke alarms, handicap toilets, working swamp coolers, that otherwise would not have these basic items. We have found that a very small outlay financially for each client can translate into a significantly better living environment for them and a huge savings to tax payers as these people are not being forced into state funded nursing facilities.

We are filling a need in Weber County that no other program is addressing. We are desperate to continue offering these basic services to clients we have come to view as heroes. We are honored to work with these WWII vets and real life “Rosie Riveters.” It is a privilege to offer assistance to those who made it through the depression and are now struggling once again to keep a roof over their heads.

All work is provided by trained and insured staff, and any equipment and supplies are provided by the YCC.

“My wife and I wish to thank you for your installation of our door on our home. It will help a lot in both the security of our home and also in keeping the heat in when winter and fall rolls around. Also a note of thanks for fixing our leaking lavatory sink drain pipe in the washroom. Your worker Fred was very conscientious in his work, respectful and did a superb job in all respects concerning the doors installation and the plumbing project. We are seniors living only on S.S. now, and our savings are gone. Most of our money goes to paying the mortgage on our home so we couldn’t afford a plumber or handyman. As a former CPS social worker I know nothing about plumbing or pipes. I have chronic diabetes and severe feet problems and my wife of thirty eight years, Sharon, has epilepsy and heart problems. This will make life a bit easier and help keep us in our home instead of going to a nursing home. You are lifesavers, thanks a million. We can’t thank you enough.” – A Grateful Client

“We were surprised when one client told us that just securing the handrail into her trailer home and installing a grab bar in her tub made it possible for her to continue to live in her own home without outside assistance. While we were sad to see this client pass away we were grateful that she was able to stay in her own home for an additional three years before her passing.” – Rebeka Clements, YCC Senior Life Care Manager

For more information about the Senior LifeCare Program at YCC, please contact:
  • Rebekah Clements
  • Senior LifeCare Program Coordinator
  • 801-689-1741
  • 2261 Adams Ave.
  • Ogden, UT 84401
  • [email protected]

** Accepting New Senior Life Care clients as of January 28, 2019.
Please contact Bekah **